"There is a risk involved, but in the present circumstances I believe it is a risk worth running. I do not believe we have managed to revitalize the world we live in, and I do not believe it is worth the trouble of clinging to; but I do propose something to get us out of our marasmus, instead of continuing to complain about it, and about the boredom, inertia, and stupidity of everything." -- Antonin Artaud

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Contributing to Another Blog: "On Rejection"

So as the title suggests, I've been invited to contribute to another blog. It's entitled Expert Textperts. For my inaugural post, I dug out an old non-fiction essay I wrote called "On Rejection." Ostensibly, it's about man's relationship with God; and I think when I wrote it, I tried very hard to make that the focus and in many ways succeeded. However, one can also very easily read between the lines and notice that it's coming out of another type of rejection as well. It's a piece of writing that came from a time when I was still working on my efforts at clarity--not that I've completely addressed that trait; however, as you'll see, I've come a long way. That said, it is still one of my favorite essays. There are many beautiful sentences and themes that I'm quite proud of. And where else are you going to read about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Julia Kristeva, Dante, and Jesus? To find the blog and the post, just click on this link. Hope you enjoy and start following Expert Textperts as well. The other contributors are very bright and wonderful people. A compelling post by one of them in particular inspired me to re-share "On Rejection." Enjoy.

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